8/15/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Sculpteo Adds HP Multi Jet Fusion

Digital manufacturing service provider Sculpteo now offers HP’s Multi Jet Fusion as a faster option for 3D printing.


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Digital manufacturing service provider Sculpteonow offers HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology on its cloud-based 3D printing platform. Designed for production, the Multi Jet Fusion technology enables Sculpteo to quickly and efficiently manufacture functional prototypes and small or medium series of final parts, tools and spare parts. The system prints in gray or black polyamide (PA-12) nylon, with other options to be offered soon.

“In digital manufacturing, speed is crucial,” says Clément Moreau, co-founder of Sculpteo. “With HP, Sculpteo continues to innovate to offer a more affordable, fast and precise factory."

HP’s technology uses a 3D print head to selectively deposit micro-drops of the melting agent onto a powder bed, and then an infrared lamp merges the parts infiltrated by the melting agent. This combination of print heads and infrared makes it possible to significantly speed up the manufacturing process by making it independent of the surface to be fused. HP’s system for rapidly cooling parts after printing plus automated powder recycling also contribute to its productivity, according to Sculpteo.

As a result, Sculpteo says parts can be produced with Multi Jet Fusion as much as 10 times faster than with other technologies. The company says it can now help customers produce finished objects that were previously difficult to manufacture.