Roboze Joins SAP Early Access Program

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SAP's Distributed Manufacturing application, a collaboration with UPS, aims to advance digital manufacturing.


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3D printing company Roboze has joined the early access program for SAP's Distributed Manufacturing application. 

The program, a joint collaboration with UPS, is intended to make 3D printing and on-demand manufacturing an integral part of digital manufacturing. The program aims to provide standard and scalable business processes for digitizing, approving, certifying and manufacturing digital parts in an end-to-end digital manufacturing process. The program includes discrete manufacturers, industrial 3D printing companies and service providers, postal companies, and global logistics networks providers. Roboze will join these participants to offer its technology for producing high-quality, accurate 3D parts from advanced metal replacement techno-polymers. 

The SAP Distributed Manufacturing application is designed to help manufacturers and suppliers collaborate on outsourcing the manufacturing process “just in time.” This  cloud-based solution helps global high-tech companies to engage with leading 3D printing solution providers for fast and efficient delivery of 3D-printed parts for manufacturing applications. It aims to enable customers to analyze and prioritize parts suitable for digitization, manage CAD and STL files and pricing issues, and evaluate manufacturing options from in-house production options to external OEM service providers. Customers can manage the execution process all the way to parts printing and shipment, supported by UPS logistics infrastructures.