PADT Joins Carbon’s Production Partner Program

The partnership enables PADT to offer plastic production parts using Carbon’s digital light synthesis 3D printing system.

Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies (PADT) has joined Carbon’s production partner program to offer production part manufacturing to the southwestern United States. With the addition of three Carbon M2 printers to its headquarters in Tempe, Arizona, this partnership enables PADT to print plastic components using digital light synthesis (DLS).

“We have been looking for a low-volume plastic manufacturing solution that uses 3D printing for some time,” PADT co-owner and principal Rey Chu says. “Since we started the company we have been providing soft tooling and rapid injection molding. Once we saw the Carbon DLS technology in action, we knew we found our solution.”

The 3D printing system combines continuous printing technology with programmable liquid resins to create parts that are said to have the same strength and surface finish of injection molded parts. The part creation is fast because it is continuous, rather than pausing after each layer. This continuous process also avoids the stair-steps created with layered methods, enabling textured surfaces and improved surface finish.