Optomec Partners with TNSC to Expand Sales to Asia

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The alliance enables TNSC to resell Optomec’s LENS 3D printers and Optomec to expand product sales.

Additive manufacturing (AM) supplier Optomec Inc. announced a partnership with gas supplier Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC). This alliance enables TNSC—and its subsidiary, Matheson—to resell Optomec LENS metal 3D printers as part of a total AM offering, including gases, powder feed stock and metal heat treatment services. Optomec will also expand LENS product sales by utilizing TNSC’s group sales network in Japan, the United States and Asia. TNSC has also made a capital investment in Optomec.
TNSC organizes its technical team for AM technology at its gas application R&D lab in Yamanashi, Japan, and will feature an Optomec LENS for applied technical support, demonstration services and AM technology. This  facility is said to be the first integrated metal AM technology lab in Asia. LENS printers use the energy from a high-power laser to build structures one layer at a time directly from powdered metals. The printers are used throughout the entire product lifecycle for applications ranging from materials research to repair and rework to low-volume manufacturing in materials such as titanium, stainless steel and nickel-based superalloys.