Modern Machine Shop Announces ‘Shop Talk’ Educational Series

New presentation series, available through IMTS spark, focuses on the Top Shops benchmarking program and the machine shops that participate.


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Modern Machine Shop has announced its new educational series, Shop Talk, which runs each Tuesday in October and will be broadcast through IMTS spark. The program dives into the Top Shops data to identify key success drivers for CNC machine shops. Presentations also offer insight from shop owners and Top Shops award winners on how they have improved as a shop and grown their business.

Shop Talk will cover the latest Top Shops data and explore how shops are succeeding in today’s environment.

Shop Talk will cover the latest Top Shops data and explore how shops are succeeding in today’s environment. 

“The focus here is on learning what works for shops and sharing that information in a way that can be implemented,” says Matt Danford, senior editor of Modern Machine Shop and program director for Shop Talk. “Each session will offer actionable insights that anyone can take directly back to the shop floor, whether that insight comes from a top shop or from our analysis of more than a decade’s worth of benchmarking data.”

Presenters are drawn from all over the country, including Gardner Intelligence, Rosenberger North America, JD Machine, Hirsch Precision, Tier One Machining, Pacon Mfg., Rimeco Products, Advanced Precision Engineering and more. The series will cover how these shops are improving through machining technology, shopfloor practices, business strategies and human resources.

Registration is free and more information is available here


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