Matsuura Announces Partnership with CMD

Custom Mold and Design (CMD) and Matsuura USA will collaborate in applying  Matsuura’s Lumex technology for the mold industry.


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Custom Mold and Design (CMD) and Matsuura USA have agreed to collaborate in applying the Matsuura Lumex technology for the mold industry. CMD also offers contract production on the Lumex Avance-25 metal laser sintering hybrid milling machine, a powder-bed metal additive manufacturing (AM) platform with subtractive machining capability.

The Matsuura Lumex series machines feature both high-speed milling and laser sintering capability to enable production of complex, challenging parts. The platform is said to produce accurate parts from metal powders that are melted and sintered using a laser while surfaces are precisely milled at high speeds.

3D cooling channels can be incorporated into molds on the Matsuura Avance-25 in the single setup, increasing cooling efficiency and enabling high-cycle injection molding with better quality and precision. CMD has also purchased a Matsuura MX-850 five-axis vertical machining center, for large and complex machining tasks.