2/13/2020 | 1 MINUTE READ

Manufacturing and Tech Cultures Come Together at MT360

The MT360 event, organized by AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, is expected to accelerate the implementation of growing technologies into manufacturing applications.


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MT360 Event

MT360, organized by AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, will take place May 12-14, 2020 in Santa Clara, California.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) continues to push the boundaries of manufacturing, bringing to light innovations in technology that broaden the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI), collaborative automation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and additive manufacturing itself. Up and coming tech culture is seeming to find its place in manufacturing facilities around the country, changing the traditional industrial culture by accelerating, streamlining and reordering how things are made. This changing face of manufacturing technology is the main focus of the new MT360 event.

MT360, organized by AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, will take place May 12-14, 2020 in Santa Clara, California. A combination of a trade show and a conference, the event aims to pull manufacturing leaders and the tech community together to form a combined culture and an open-dialogue approach to AM.

The event will feature more than 30 presentations focused on additive manufacturing, augmented reality, cognitive automation and the digital thread. A simulated factory is expected to provide demonstrations of the technologies presented.

“Where other events focus on selling products or learning concepts, MT360 provides practical guidance on integrating technology innovations that manufacturers can immediately use to transform their business,” says Tim Shinbara, CTO and VP of Technology for AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology.

Learn more about MT360 and register to attend at mt360conference.com.


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