ExOne’s Metal Designlab 3D Printing System Features Two-Step Process


ExOne collaborates with Rapidia to incorporate its two-step 3D printing technology, which enables water-bound metal and ceramic parts to go directly from a printer into a furnace without a debinding step.

Graphmatech’s Graphene Technology Enhances Copper Processability


Research shows graphene lowers reflectivity of copper powder to achieve more dense AM printed parts.

3D Control Systems’ Zap Workflow Software Integrates Disparate 3D Systems


Software eliminates cost variables through integration of all components to provide seamless automated interaction, resulting in reduced time and cost.

Desktop Metal’s Studio System 2 Simplifies Low-Volume Metal 3D Printing


System features a two-step process that eliminates the need for a solvent debind phase.

University of Maine Awarded $2.8 Million Grant for AM Wind Blade Research


Researchers will use the world's largest polymer 3D printer to develop recyclable wind blade molds that reduce lead times and costs.

Burloak Becomes First Additive Manufacturer Approved to Supply Boeing


Burloak Technologies Inc. developed a well-defined specification that demonstrated robust, repeatable processes to produce flight components using additive manufacturing.

Formlabs’ Fuse 1 Benchtop Industrial SLS Printer Simplifies Workflow


The Fuse 1 features Surface Armor technology, a 70% powder refresh rate and a versatile Nylon 12 powder to deliver an affordable, simplified industrial 3D printing.

AddUp Trajectory Generator Offers Faster Slicing, Scanning Computations


Fast slice and toolpath generator offers smooth upskins and downskins to obtain superior part surface quality.

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Joins 6K Advisory Board


Strategic appointment is instrumental for advanced material innovation for defense and security product development for the United States.

Sintavia Expands Rocket Manufacturing Capability with Customized AM Printers


For most existing commercial rocketry in production, the M4K-4 can manufacture an entire thrust chamber assembly as a single unit, including optimized regenerative cooling passages, thereby dramatically reducing manufacturing complexity and time.