PUBLISHED: 1/3/2019

Triditive Debuts AMCell for Serial Additive Manufacturing

Triditive's AMCell 3D printing platform supports high-volume production of metal components with BASF’s Ultrafuse 316LX filament.

PUBLISHED: 1/3/2019

Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Automotive (AMWA) Program Now Available

The technical program for the inaugural Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Automotive (AMWA) is now live.

PUBLISHED: 1/3/2019

Renishaw Collaborates with ParaMatters on "Click to Print"

Renishaw has partnered with ParaMatters to provide a “click to print” functionality in the cloud software CogniCAD.

PUBLISHED: 1/2/2019

SLM Solutions North America Partners with The Barnes Group Advisors on AM Training

SLM Solutions North America has signed a memorandum of understanding with The Barnes Group Advisors to offer AM training to equip potential customers with the ability to make better informed purchasing decisions.

PUBLISHED: 1/2/2019

Technical Coatings for Additive Manufacturing Show Promising Results

Technical coatings enable smooth and sealed surfaces with specific functions. Research teams from Sirris and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP) collaborated to optimize the surfaces of additively manufactured parts.

PUBLISHED: 1/1/2019

LSS Reveals Raptor 3D Printing Series

LSS Laser-Sinter Service has revealed its Raptor series, intended to increase production rates and lower costs in the field of laser-based powder-bed fusion of polymers.

PUBLISHED: 12/31/2018

Professor Gideon Levy Announced as Recipient of AMUG Innovators Award

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Innovators Award will be given to Professor Gideon Levy at the 2019 AMUG Conference.

PUBLISHED: 12/31/2018

Thermwood Validates 3D-Printed Yacht Hull Molds

A 3D-printed scale model of a hull mold will enable Thermwood to test and validate additive manufacturing for producing this tooling.

PUBLISHED: 12/28/2018

AMFG and LEO Lane Collaborate on End-to-End AM Workflow Software

AMFG and LEO Lane partner to integrate software solutions and offer end-to-end secure workflow solutions for additive manufacturing.

PUBLISHED: 12/27/2018

XJet Unveils Ceramic Material for NanoParticle Jetting (NJP)

XJet has unveiled alumina, a new ceramic material for NanoParticle Jetting (NJP) additive manufacturing.

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