Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Plastics Unveils Complete Program

Presented by Additive Manufacturing Media, Plastics Technology and MoldMaking Technology, the 3D Printing AM Workshop for Plastics will present practical applications of 3D technologies related to plastics processing.

Blue Photon Offers Workholding Solution for 3D-Printed Parts

Rapid 2019: Blue Photon's photo-activated adhesive supports postprocessing of 3D-printed parts in diverse materials.

Siemens PLM Simulation Software Identifies 3D Printing Problem Areas

Rapid 2019: Siemens’ additive manufacturing (AM) process simulation product, part of its Simcenter 3D AM solution, is integrated into its NX CAD/CAM/CAE solution set.

Optomec LENS Metal AM Systems Offer Minimal Footprint

Optomec has announced its LENS CS 600 and 800 Controlled Atmosphere DED systems for next-generation metal additive manufacturing.

NSL Material Testing Services Improve Print Outcomes

Rapid 2019: NSL Analytical Services offers characterization and materials testing services to confirm the quality of the materials used to print products and ensure successful outcomes.

CIDEAS ( Expands its Powder Bed Fusion Offerings with EOS P770 Dual-Laser Machines

Rapid 2019: Cideas now provides EOS P770 series printers which have dual lasers and large build areas.

Desktop Metal Releases Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel

Desktop Metal’s 316L stainless steel, developed for the Studio System metal 3D printing system, offers corrosion resistance at extreme temperatures.

nScrypt 3D Prints Antennas on Complex Surfaces for Air Force

nScrypt’s research group, Sciperio, has recieved funding from the Air Force to continue its work to conform 3D-printed antennas to complex surfaces. Directly printing active phased array antennas on curved surfaces can make it feasible to incl...

Cecimo Aids EU AM Market Focus In Trade Deal

Cecimo has endorsed the EU’s desire to further its reach in the U.S. additive markets and expand transatlantic AM trade opportunities.

Extrude Hone Thermal Energy Method Removes Metal AM Supports

Rapid 2019: Extrude Hone showcases a proprietary approach that uses thermal energy method (TEM) to address metal support structure removal.