PUBLISHED: 2/12/2019

XRize Desktop 3D Printer Provides Full-Color Parts

Rapid 2019: Rize’s XRize 3D desktop printer is designed to minimize processing and cleaning needs while manufacturing functional parts.

PUBLISHED: 2/12/2019

Protolabs Metal 3D Printing Meets Demanding Part Requirements

Rapid 2019: Protolabs’ direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) process is designed for demanding applications.

PUBLISHED: 2/11/2019

Thermwood Hybrid Machine Produces Near-Net-Shape Parts

Rapid 2019: Thermwood’s Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) system uses both 3D printing and machining to produce a near-net-shape product.

PUBLISHED: 2/7/2019

AM Workshop for Plastics 2019 Opens Registration

Register now for the Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Plastics at Amerimold to learn how additive manufacturing is impacting plastics.

PUBLISHED: 2/7/2019

Dow, ECCO, Dassault Design 3D-Printed, Customizable Midsoles

Dow, ECCO and Dassault Systèmes have collaborated on a footwear customization project called Quant-U, that combines the customer’s individual biomechanical data, Silastic 3D 3335 liquid silicone rubber (LSR) from Dow and additive m...

PUBLISHED: 2/7/2019

PADT Joins ASU's Postprocessing Advancement Project

$800,000 in matching funds have been awarded to ASU, PADT and other partners for the advancement of 3D printing postprocessing techniques.

PUBLISHED: 2/5/2019

Formlabs Elastic Resin Provides 50A Shore Durometer

Rapid 2019: Formlabs has started shipping elastic resin, the latest addition to its family of engineering resins for the Form 2 stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer.

PUBLISHED: 2/5/2019

EOS Integra P 400 3D Printer Offers User-Friendly Features

Rapid 2019: EOS North America’s Integra P 400 3D printer is designed to meet the demand for plastic additive manufacturing.

PUBLISHED: 2/4/2019

Xerox Acquires Vader Systems

The acquisition is part of Xerox's overall strategy for 3D printing.

PUBLISHED: 1/31/2019

Metal Powder Industries Releases Publication on Metal AM Powder Standards

The Metal Powder Industries Foundation’s new publication describes and explains nine MPIF standard test methods for metal AM.

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