Thermwood LSAM MT Provides Increased Number of Parts in Required Cooling Time

RAPID 2020: Thermwood’s LSAM Moving Table (LSAM MT) offers a new configuration and significant advantages in certain applications and features a single fixed gantry mounted over a moving table.

Farsoon 403P Series Reduces Cost for Part Production

RAPID 2020: Farsoon 403P Series is said to be a powerful and versatile platform for plastic laser sintering.

Open Mind HyperMill Software Offers Additive Capabilities

RAPID 2020: Open Mind Technologies HyperMill CAM software offers an additive manufacturing capability option to support 3D printing/additive processes.

Zeiss Comet Scanner Sensor Delivers Speedy 3D Data Capture

RAPID 2020: Zeiss’ Comet 3D scanner sensor offers a fast measuring speed to quickly identify any post-build process influences on the dimensional accuracy of a finished 3D-printed part.

Manufacturing and Tech Cultures Come Together at MT360

The MT360 event, organized by AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, is expected to accelerate the implementation of growing technologies into manufacturing applications.

ZVerse, Forecast 3D Partner for CAD as a Service

ZVerse Inc. has joined forces with Forecast 3D to provide ZVerse’s CAD as a Service platform to the manufacturer’s customers.

BigRep Expands Printing Services with 3D PARTLAB

BigRep America is opening a new headquarters featuring the new BigRep 3D PARTLAB for flexible 3D printing services with its fleet of large-format 3D printers.

HP Collaborates with Superfeet, New Balance on 3D Printed Insoles

HP has unveiled a collaboration with Superfeet and New Balance to produce individually customized 3D-printed insoles for consumers.

Essentium, Vorum Partner to Deliver Additive Orthotics & Prosthetics Solution

Essentium and Vorum have partnered to deliver Essentium + Vorum, a 3D print solution for the orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) customers that will aid in the production of mass-customized O&P devices at speed and scale.

Siemens AM Path Optimizer Offers Increased Production Yield

Siemens has introduced AM Path Optimizer technology, integrated in NX for additive manufacturing.