Ermaksan Offers Increased Productivity with Metal AM System

Formnext 2019: Ermaksan’s Enavision Modular Dual Laser technology and 3D metal AM machine is said to increase the production rate and capacity as well as productivity.

Thermwood’s LSAM Uses Subtractive Methods in Additive Process

Formnext 2019: Thermwood’s Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) system performs both additive and subtractive functions on the same machine.

FelixPrinters Balances Form and Function in Offerings

Formnext 2019: FelixPrinters’ Pro L and XL machines are said to offer easily installation within a manufacturing setting, and both come with a range of automated and intelligent features that remove many of the tedious and time-consuming hurdl...

Sciaky's EBAM Advances Metal 3D Printing

Formnext 2019: Sciaky Inc.’s Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) technology is an industrial metal 3D printing solution with approved applications on land, sea, air and space.

Sabic's Breakaway Support Filament Boosts Printing Productivity

Formnext 2019: Sabic’s AMS31F filament is a breakaway support material for fused deposition modeling that maintains rigidity and adhesion during printing, while also providing pliability for separation during postprocessing.

3YourMind's Agile MES Offers Machine Connectivity

Formnext 2019: 3YourMind’s Agile MES is said to include real-time data connections with machine manufacturers, adding efficiency to production with real-time status updates and an alert system.

Arburg Freeformer Integrates into Production

Formnext 2019: Arburg’s Freeformer 200-3X and 300-3X are said to cover a wide range of industrial AM applications.

Pittsburgh International Airport Develops Additive Manufacturing End-to-End Ecosystem, First Tenant Signs Agreement

Neighborhood 91, developed with the University of Pittsburgh, is expected to be the first-ever cluster strategy with a production focus of 3D printing and will house a complete end-to-end ecosystem for additive manufacturing.

Mazak, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Partner on Wire Additive R&D

Mazak Corporation and Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s manufacturing demonstration center in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, have entered into a cooperative research and development agreement.

University of Maine Composites Center's 3D Printer Named World's Largest

The university now holds world records for the largest prototype polymer 3D printer, largest solid 3D-printed object and largest 3D-printed boat.