4/5/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

HP Collaborates with SigmaDesign to Offer Materials Development Kit for 3D Printing Materials

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The materials development kit is intended to help ease the certification and testing process for 3D printing materials.


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HP, in collaboration with SigmaDesign, will offer a materials development kit (MDK) for 3D printing materials. According to the company, the MDK will ensure a robust array of materials for end-users as well as a simplified certification and testing process for partners. 

As part of HP’s open platform strategy for 3D printing, the MDK will enable companies interested in certifying materials to quickly test 3D powder spreadability and compatibility with HP Jet Fusion 3D printers prior to submitting the materials to HP for testing. According to the company, this simplifies the testing and certification process, leading to faster development cycles while meeting quality standards.

“Materials are at the center of successful manufacturing, and the combination of HP’s open platform and the ability to enable voxel-level control will help expedite the digital transformation of this multi-trillion dollar market," says Bill Huseby, president and CEO of SigmaDesign. “Many companies, both large and small, do not have the internal capabilities to execute their 3D printing vision as quickly or as broadly as they’d like. We are proud to provide world-class foundational tools such as the MDK and in-depth design expertise for organizations ready to innovate using HP Multi Jet Fusion technology right now.”

The MDK is expected to ship this spring and partners can pre-order the kit beginning today by contacting mdk@sigmadzn.com.