H.C. Starck, Metasphere Cooperate to Develop Spherical Metal Powders

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The partnership leverages Metasphere’s process and H.C. Starck’s support services.

H.C. Starck has acquired a minority stake in startup Metasphere Technology in a cooperation to build a new production line for spherical metal powders using Metasphere’s technology. According to the startup, the process can restructure all electrical conducting materials on a nano level and spheriodise materials to perfect spheres in a wide range of sizes. A variety of metals and other electrically conductive materials can be processed into spherical powders with unique physical-mechanical characteristics. The capability to produce "meta-stable" compositions will enable future development of high-precision alloys and materials in spherical form, the companies say.

H.C. Stark currently produces special atomized metal powders for additive manufacturing. This agreement secures the company’s exclusive sales rights of the materials produced, and H.C. Starck will also provide customer application technology support. Continued expansion of product capacity is planned as the market develops.



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