11/26/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Granta Design Launches CES Selector 2019

The latest version of CES Selector offers improved support for additive manufacturing, vibration avoidance, simulation projects and more.


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Granta Design has released CES Selector 2019, its software for materials selection and graphical analysis of material properties. This version features enhanced data and tools that help the user decide whether additive manufacturing technology is a viable option, offer guidance on identifying critical design requirements, and save time and effort in simulation projects. The 2019 version also includes updates to the library of specialist datasets. 

The Additive Manufacturing (AM) edition covers the primary industrial AM technologies, provides data on over 950 industrial machines and more than 1,700 compatible materials. It includes access to supplier information from the updated Senvol Database, supplemented with data on over 190 equivalent materials manufactured using conventional techniques, enabling AM materials to be considered early in material selection studies. Modeling and simulation projects can be difficult and time consuming. CES Selector can be applied to pre-screen materials, focusing simulation work on the most appropriate candidates and provides an engineering team with correctly-formatted input data. 

Users will also benefit from enhancements to MaterialUniverse, the comprehensive dataset of engineering, economic and environmental property profiles designed for comparisons across the spectrum of material and processing possibilities. MaterialUniverse contains over 4,000 data records covering a variety of engineering materials and 240 records covering related processes. Records cover a range of materials classes, and each record has more than 80 general, mechanical, thermal, optical, electrical, environmental, economic, corrosion and other properties.