10/11/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Global Alliance Partners Introduce Materials for Ultimaker

Ultimaker global material alliance partners DSM and Owens Corning are both introducing high-performance filaments for the 5S 3D printer.


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Ultimaker has initiated a global material alliance for fully optimized industrial material profiles for professional FFF 3D printing, with DSM and Owens Corning introducing optimized materials for the Ultimaker S5.

DSM Novamid ID1030 CF10, a new carbon fiber-filled grade PA6/66 filament, brings the properties of 3D-printed parts closer to those made via injection molding, Ultimaker says. With 10 percent carbon fiber reinforcement, it produces stronger, tougher and stiffer 3D-printed parts for functional prototyping and end-use applications, at the same speeds as unreinforced plastics.

Meanwhile Owens Corning has created its own high-end 3D printing material XStrand. This specific material is designed for functional prototyping and industrial applications, and has strong mechanical and thermal properties enabled by glass-fiber reinforcement. The material is very durable, with stiff mechanical properties, a very low thermal expansion coefficient and a high working temperature.

To enable the 3D printing of composite materials, Ultimaker has also introduced its new print core CC Red 0.6. The print core features a 0.6-mm-diameter nozzle with a specially customized geometry and a wear-resistant ruby cone to ensure reliable 3D printing with composite materials.The new print core CC Red 0.6 will be available in November 2018. Industrial material profiles will become available in Ultimaker Cura in November 2018.


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