8/5/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

GKN Aerospace-Sponsored AM Research Chair Named at Sheffield University

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The five-year position focuses on developing additive manufacturing’s potential for aerospace and similar industries.


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UK-based GKN Aerospace is sponsoring a five-year Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) research chair to be based at the University of Sheffield. The chair is focused on harnessing and developing the potential of additive manufacturing (AM) for aerospace and other high-value industrial sectors. The GKN Aerospace RAEng chair in Additive Manufacture and Advanced Structural Metallics will have three fundamental aims: to assist in the industrialization of the current state-of-the-art technology as GKN moves towards production; to develop the required technology to enable the integration of materials and processes, extending the application of AM in the short term; and to create entirely innovative processes and materials that will carry industry well beyond what is currently possible.

Professor Iain Todd, an academic researcher in the fields of novel processing and alloys, has been nominated for the chair. He has led research into additive manufacture at the University of Sheffield since its commencement in 2006 and has helps to grow its world-leading manufacturing research facility, The Mercury Centre.

Professor Todd comments: “I’m delighted and honored to be appointed to this prestigious role and look forward to working with GKN Aerospace and the Royal Academy of Engineering in promoting, researching and helping to drive this hugely exciting and disruptive manufacturing technology forwards. This is a very exciting time for advanced manufacturing and materials research in the UK. My role will be to strengthen the link between industry and academia in these fields and to transfer the engineering and scientific breakthroughs at the University level to industrial practice helping to drive productivity and competitiveness.”

GKN Aerospace, the University of Sheffield and the Royal Academy of Engineering will make a combined investment worth GBP1m to support the chair over the five years, with the GKN Aerospace investment including funding for an additional 10 PhD students to support Professor Todd and the team of more than 20 senior research staff already operating at the university.