5/22/2017 | 3 MINUTE READ

First Five Sessions of Additive Manufacturing Conference Announced

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Speakers will address next-generation design, 3D-printed tooling and more during the fourth edition of the conference.


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Organizers of the fourth annual Additive Manufacturing Conference (AMC 2017) have announced the first five sessions of this year's event. 

Presented by Gardner Business Media’s Modern Machine Shop and Additive Manufacturing magazines, the Additive Manufacturing Conference is a two-day technical conference, exhibit hall and business networking event focused on the industrial applications of additive technologies for making functional components and end-use production parts. The event will run from October 10 -12 at the Knoxville Convention Center in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The first five sessions are as follows;

Next-Generation Design for Additive Manufacturing Approaches

Duann Scott, Business Development and Strategy - Additive Manufacturing and Composites, Autodesk

Additive manufacturing offers freedom to design strong, lightweight parts using high-performance polymer or metal materials. However, this potential is lost in commonly used design applications developed to produce models for traditional manufacturing processes, and complex, organic geometries cannot be modeled manually. The next generation of design tools for additive manufacturing are able to optimize geometry based on parameters of the product requirements, enabling more design possibilities In this presentation, Duann Scott will discuss generative design technologies including topology optimization, latticing and form synthesis. 

3D-Printed Tooling

Jarod Rauch, CNC Programmer/IT, B&J Specialty Inc., and Benjamin Fisk, General Manager, Methods3D

Methods 3D enabled B&J Speciality, a tool and die shop located in Indiana, to integrate 3D printing and conformal cooling through the deployment of a 3D Systems ProX DMP 300 3D printer. The company can now achieve optimal cooling by supplying effective water into areas that would normally be impossible using conventional machining methods. Utilizing the DMP technology, B&J Specialty can not only can maintain a uniform distance between molding surface and cooling lines, but also alter the cooling lines geometrical shape to adapt for any pressure drops throughout the line. This technology opens new possibilities and enables B&J Specialty to stay competitive in a world-class environment. 

Additive Manufacturing – Don’t Leave Home Without It

Dr. Paul K. McConnaughey, Associate Director/Technical, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

What’s the next giant leap for additive manufacturing? In-space applications. Dr. Paul McConnaughey, associate director, technical, at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center will discuss the importance of additive manufacturing to deep space human exploration. This talk will highlight the need for robust, certified 3D-printed parts for use in engines that will take humans farther into space than ever before as well as discuss opportunities to partner with NASA based on the future needs of AM technology in space. Whether it’s to help reduce cost and schedule time or to build habitats on Mars using regolith, additive manufacturing is essential to the success of exploring deep space—to Mars and beyond.

Hybrid Additive Manufacturing: Evolution and Implementation of Practical Applications

Evan Syverson, Additive Business Development Manager, Sodick Inc.

This presentation will trace the journey of one AM user who moved first from traditional to additive manufacturing, and again from additive to hybrid manufacturing. Each transition was accompanied by new questions and new opportunities. A process perspective will illustrate how additive manufacturing was introduced into existing processes, explore important limitations of AM, and differentiate between areas where hybrid AM capabilities should and should not be applied.

Industrialized: Tangible Solutions' Story of Trials and Triumph Building the Factory of the Future

Adam Clark, CEO, Tangible Solutions

Tangible Solutions seeks to pioneer the field of additive manufacturing to provide large-scale, cutting-edge contract manufacturing solutions within the medical field, throughout aerospace and other commercial industries. The company has gone from a garage in Fairborn, Ohio, to a 25,000-square-foot production facility, and experiencing exponential growth. Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, the team behind Tangible Solutions has a vision to industrialize additive manufacturing and become a catalyst for the next industrial revolution. Hear how they've stood up to skepticism and overcome failures using strategic tactics, and enjoyed success. 


Registration for Additive Manufacturing Conference 2017 is now open. To register and find additional information go to www.additiveconference.com