3/1/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Farsoon Collaborates to Integrate Postprocessing Solutions

The machine builder will work with Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) to integrate automated postprocessing with its technologies. 


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Farsoon Technologies and Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) have come to an agreement to provide postprocessing solutions for additive technologies.

Farsoon is an an AM machine maker specializing in plastic laser sintering and laser metal melting technologies, including its Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution (CAMS). Meanwhile, AMT offers a line of automated postprocessing systems including smoothing and depowdering technologies. The company currently manufactures the PostPro3D, an automated smoothing machine for 3D-printed polymer parts, and is developing other technologies. AMT’s capabilities will smooth the production workflow of Farsoon’s machines through the collaboration. 

“AMT is delighted to enter into this agreement to supply our postprocessing technology and solutions to Farsoon Technology,” says Joseph Crabtree, AMT’s CEO. “The development of Farsoon’s continuous additive manufacturing is ground-breaking and our involvement in assisting the delivery of this technology is very exciting. Our companies have similar philosophies and approach, making working together a pleasure.”

“We are very excited to be working with AMT to provide an end to end solution for additive,” says Don Xu, Farsoon Technologies director of global business. “We have seen a definite movement both in China as well as globally of the additive industry moving towards manufacturing and coupled with that an increased demand for more streamlined post processing solutions. AMT’s expertise in this field combined with Farsoon’s expertise in additive create a strong team with truly innovative solutions.”