EOS System Installed in Orthopedic Hospital for Point-of-Care Printing

Hospital for Special Surgery and LimaCorporate open first provider-based 3D design and printing center for complex joint reconstruction surgery.
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EOS Formiga P110 Velocis industrial 3D printer

EOS Formiga P110 Velocis industrial 3D printer

LimaCorporate, an Italian company in the field of 3D printing for orthopedics, has installed an EOS 3D printing system at the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), the No. 1 ranked hospital in the U.S. for orthopedics. Known as the ProMade PoC (Point of Care) Center, the new facility located on the HSS main campus in New York City will create faster access to more personalized solutions for highly complex orthopedic conditions.

This is the first design and 3D printing facility to manufacture custom complex implants directly on the HSS campus. The EOS system will be used to additively manufacture patient-specific cutting guides, surgical trials and patient anatomical model for surgeries.

Patient-specific custom solutions, such as those that will be designed and produced at the Promade PoC Center, are used for more complex procedures, and are digitally designed pre-operatively to be an ideal match with the patient’s anatomy

An integral part of this PoC printing is the EOS Formiga P110 Velocis industrial 3D printer, which was installed at HSS in November 2020. Surgeries with 3D printed cutting guides produced by the system were expected to begin in April 2021.

The company says the EOS powder-based technology is well-suited for complex parts with a high degree of individualization, enabling on-demand production, while providing the highest part quality. LimaCorporate is leveraging the Formiga P 110 Velocis in combination with a polymer material PA 2200, which has 10 years of clinical use history.

The company installed the new EOS system at HSS in order to replicate a design and manufacturing process that was previously performed by LimaCorporate in-house. Having an industrial 3D printer on the hospital campus brings technology and expertise closer to the surgeon and patient, enabling surgical cases to be done faster and with closer collaboration with the surgical team.