Companies Install Sigma Labs’ PrintRite3D Inspect Software

The 2.0 version of the cloud-based software is being used at Woodward Inc. and Honeywell Aerospace, and is set for installation at Solar Turbines.

Sigma Labs announced that its cloud-based PrintRite3D Inspect software version 2.0 was installed at Woodward Inc. aircraft turbine systems group in Zeeland, Michigan as part of Woodward's strategy to ensure that its customers receive quality product.

The software has also been installed at Honeywell Aerospace in Phoenix to support its DARPA-sponsored Open Manufacturing Program and will soon be installed at Solar Turbines, a division of Caterpillar in San Diego.

PrintRite3D Inspect software version 2.0 is available as a data API platform and enables web-based access to metal additive manufacturing machines, providing users the ability to monitor machines, and capture and record the build sequence. Sigma Labs will soon be releasing a smart device app for the software.