6/22/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Collaboration Seeks to Develop Standards for Larger FFF Filament

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Led by 3D Platform, the collaboration project includes both equipment and filament producers.


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3D Platform (3DP) has announced a collaboration with producers of fused filament fabrication (FFF) equipment and filament that will develop standards for larger-diameter filament. These standards are necessary, the company says, to ensure universal measurements for materials and equipment as well as to enable the manufacture of larger parts using FFF equipment without pellet-fed extruders. 

 In September 2016, 3DP announced its first larger-diameter spool-fed extruder (the HFE900) and displayed a functioning alpha-level unit at IMTS. This initial extruder was designed around approximately 6-mm filament. Through experimentation with larger-diameter materials, 3DP discovered that stiffer materials are difficult to manage at 6 mm, so the company developed and in-between material size of 4.5-mm filament that was announced at AMUG in March 2017. 

To better serve its customers and the FFF industry, 3D Platform has announced plans to work with other equipment and material manufacturers to develop standards around these larger materials in the absence of an ISO or ASTM committee covering these topics. 

As of May 8, 2017, the following equipment producers have expressed interest in participating in this collaboration project: 3D Platform, E3D, Titan Robotics, Ultimaker. On the materials side, the following filament producers are also participating: 3DXTech, Essentium, MakeShaper, PolyMaker and Push Plastic. 

Equipment manufacturers, filament producers, standards organizations, universities or individual experts within this subset of the additive industry can join this collaborative effort by contacting 3D Platform.