12/27/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

CGTech Partners with 3D-Hybrid Solutions

3D-Hybrid Solutions customers will be able to use Vericut software to simulate machine tools equipped with metal additive manufacturing capability.

CGTech, the developer of Vericut software for simulating CNC machines, and 3D-Hybrid Solutions, an integrator of metal 3D printing technology on machine tools, are partnering to support customers using hybrid manufacturing.

3D-Hybrid Solutions integrates powdered metal or wire feedstock metal additive manufacturing capability into CNC machine tools. Its systems enable users to deposit metal at rates as high as 20 lbs/hr. in some applications, and to perform secondary operations while the part is being built. Its systems are suitable for larger workpieces such as molds and aerospace components, where reducing expenses and lead-time is important.

Because many of its customers employ large, expensive machine tools, 3D-Hybrid Solutions saw a need for a toolpath simulation and verification tool. Its partnership with CGTech will address these concerns.

According to CGTech, Vericut software is capable of simulating the same NC program that will drive the CNC machine. It enables users to check for machining concerns such as tool collisions, as well as additive manufacturing-specific conditions such as layer thickness, stepover, and gas and laser codes and settings.

Vericut users can “add-cut” or “cut-add” material in an order with any time of machining. Laser parameters and deposition rates can be controlled directly by additive codes in the postprocessed NC program, and are verified for proper additive functions and ranges. The software is said to provide a realistic view of additive material deposition, differentiating between deposited unfinished material and machined features.

Vericut’s Auto-Diff gouge check feature highlights voids and missing material, avoiding the need for rework or potential part failure. Droplet technology provides a detailed history of the build process and makes it easy to identify the exact source of problems regardless of the number of tool paths or setups, CGTech says.