CAMX Additive Manufacturing Workshop Speaker: CompForte LLC

The Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Composites at CAMX will take place on September 25 in Anaheim, California and will explore the evolution of 3D printing technology and fiber reinforcement. 


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At the Additive Manufacturing Workshop at this year’s CAMX, Dr. Robert Yancey, rincipal for composites/additive consulting company CompForte, will deliver a presentation on “Design of Additive Composite Structures.”


One can refer to composites as the original additively manufactured product with the advent of laminated composite structures over 50 years ago. Design tools are adequate for relatively flat laminated composites but the emergence of new additive composite manufacturing methods presents opportunities for much more design freedom but also much more complexity in the design process. The anisotropic nature of advanced composites allows material properties to be tailored where needed. How does a design engineer determine the right mix of stiffness, flexibility, strength, and damage tolerance for an engineered product and how should properties vary across the structure?

Yancey’s presentation will review the current state of composite design tools, what is needed to drive the additive composites industry forward, and the opportunities this will create for composites. The session will take place on Wednesday September 25 from 3:00 p.m – 3:30 p.m. 

The workshop’s agenda and registration event details are available at www.additiveconference.com/composites.

About the presenter 

Yancey has extensive experience in the areas of advanced composite materials, additive manufacturing, design optimization and analysis, nondestructive evaluation, and engineering software. He has worked with many industries including aerospace, automotive, energy, consumer products, marine, and industrial equipment. He has held a variety of roles at technology companies including project management, sales, sales management, business development, and strategy. He currently is the Principal for CompForte, a consulting company that helps technology companies in the composites and additive manufacturing space develop their technology roadmaps, go to market strategies and marketing and sales execution plans.