8/17/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Avante Technology Introduces Emendo Cloud STL Repair Service

The Emendo Cloud Automated STL File Analysis & Repair service identifies common errors as well as their causes to prevent repetition.


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Avante Technology introduces Emendo Cloud Automated STL File Analysis & Repair service. Targeted at engineers and professional designers, the repair service addresses common problems with STL files, which are used for output to both subtractive and additive manufacturing systems. The service provides fast, high-precision repair of single and multiple component STL files, and is capable of identifying the cause of the errors to prevent repeating the same design error every time the user designs a new object.

“The growth of design work groups and a more varied range of design software has created the need for more comprehensive repair and file analysis,” says Robert Zollo, president of Avante Technology. “Emendo Cloud delivers high precision repairs of the broader range of STL file types in use today. It also delivers precision repairs at the higher processing speeds cloud based computing provides.”

By providing users three modes of viewing access to file errors by type and location, down to the individual facet level, Emendo Cloud helps engineers understand what to do in future designs to avoid such problems. Providing more detailed information on the internal details in multiple viewing modes (solid, translucent and wire frame) saves users time and frustration in improving their CAD designs for both CNC and 3D printing applications.

Users simply drag an STL file to the Emendo Cloud upload box and the file is automatically uploaded, analyzed and displayed for more detailed viewing. The user can rotate and zoom in on the file in solid, translucent and wire frame views to facilitate locating errors and problem zones throughout the 3D file. The user can select from an automatic repair, or manually set the repair modes and optional settings to optimize repairs for hybrid files, multiple STL component files and seriously damaged files. The original STL and each repaired version are stored and available for viewing or download.

The service provides a fast, multi-processor repair as a default. Users wanting very high-performance repair processing can opt for a high performance mode at a slightly higher price.



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