10/13/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

ATS, 3Discovered to Offer 3D-Printed Replacement Parts

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The partnership will provide additively manufactured commercial-grade replacements for rare, obsolete or hard-to-find equipment parts.


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Advanced Technology Services (ATS; Peoria, Illinois) is partnering with 3Discovered, an industrial 3D printing services platform, to offer 3D-printed factory equipment replacement parts to maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) customers. The partnership will expand ATS' factory maintenance and industrial parts services by overcoming the delays involved with obtaining rare, obsolete or hard-to-find parts, the company says.

3Discovered is an exchange platform that facilitates the buying, selling and making of commercial-grade 3D printed parts and products. Through its network of 3D Printing Partners, 3Discovered will provide ATS and its industrial customers with replacement parts for virtually any kind of equipment or usage environment.

ATS offers the 3D printed replacement part service through its Industrial Parts Services division. Beginning with hard-to-find parts and accessories for aged machinery and legacy manufacturing plants, ATS plans to continue expanding its offerings as 3D printing technologies continue to advance.

“3D printed parts are quickly becoming a highly reliable alternative to traditional replacement parts. ATS is leading the MRO industry with this new capability,” said Mike Waltrip, vice president, ATS Industrial Parts Services. "3D printing offers multiple advantages over traditional manufacturing methods. By using 3Discovered's exchange platform we will be able to provide a wider spectrum of solutions for our customers.”

“3Discovered's platform was specifically developed to help companies seamlessly and securely incorporate this new technology in their supply chains, and we look forward to working with ATS to build on this opportunity,” said Peer Munck, CEO of 3Discovered.