Arcam Launches New Branding for Arcam Group

A new common mark unifies the three Arcam businesses and designates them as part of GE Additive.


Arcam has launched a new branding identity for the Arcam Group, unifying the three businesses Arcam EBM, AP&C and DTI with a common mark that simultaneously designates the operations as being part of GE Additive. 

In conjunction with the branding launch Arcam has also released its Annual Report for 2016, the first document using the new branding structure. 

“Arcam and the industry have evolved considerably since our original brand more than 20 years ago” says Magnus René, CEO of Arcam. “Bringing together our offerings in industrial additive manufacturing systems through Arcam EBM, metal powders through AP&C and contract manufacturing through DTI under one common brand structure will make it easier for us to efficiently address the market. With the endorsement from GE Additive we can communicate the power behind our new brand and the solutions we can provide customers.”

The Annual Report for 2016 is available through Arcam’s website.