Arcam CEO Relocates to United States

The CEO of the Mölndal, Sweden-based company will work from its U.S. office on a temporary basis.


Arcam CEO Magnus René will temporarily operate and lead the Arcam Group from the company’s U.S. office in Woburn, Massachusetts. This move supports the company’s internationalization and customer-oriented strategy, as well as plans for increasing efforts in the U.S. market. The Woburn location is conveniently located near several Arcam subsidiaries, as well as investors on the east coast.  

"I will focus more on the U.S. market where options, growth potentials and strategic opportunities are huge,” says René of the move. “There are several major players in the aerospace and orthopedics industries on the U.S. east coast. By operating out of Woburn it will simply become easier for me to act. I also want to work closer to our subsidiaries in Shelton and Montreal to develop our businesses for EBM, powders and contract manufacturing.” E