America Makes Unveils Online Capabilities Database

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The database is designed to enable collaboration amongst the organization’s members.


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America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (Youngstown, Ohio) is releasing to its membership The America Makes Capabilities Database, a searchable, online directory that provides information regarding the additive manufacturing capabilities of each America Makes member organization. Designed to enhance collaborative efforts among the membership community, the development of the Capabilities Database was led by America Makes Deputy Director of Technology Transition Kevin Creehan, Ph.D. The tool is accessible via the members-only side of the America Makes website.

“One of the key tenants of America Makes is to foster a highly collaborative infrastructure for the open exchange of AM information and research,” said Dr. Creehan. “With the new Capabilities Database, we are enabling our membership community to even more rapidly forge productive partnerships that maximize resources and knowledge and yield real, game-changing innovations for the AM industry.”

In time, America Makes plans to grow the database to provide a searchable, sortable view of the entire AM supply chain at large, including a direct link to the Senvol Database, a comprehensive, searchable database of industrial AM machines and materials.



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