6/15/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

AddUp Announces Acquisition of BeAM

The arrangement brings together AddUp's laser beam melting and BeAM's directed energy deposition additive manufacturing technologies.


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AddUp, a joint venture between Fives and Michelin based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, has announced its acquisition of BeAM based in Strausbourg, France. AddUp is a provider of metal 3D printing and production lines based on powder-bed laser beam melting (LBM) while BeAM offers technology for directed energy deposition (DED), an additive manufacturing (AM) process suitable for large parts and repairs. BeAM’s customers include companies within the aeronautics, defense and energy sectors.

The 100 percent acquisition of BeAM will enable AddUp to expand its portfolio of metal additive manufacturing technologies to better satisfy the needs of its customers and to strengthen its worldwide geographic coverage, the company says. BeAM’s DED technology complements the laser beam melting (LBM) technology offered by AddUp and covers specific market segments, such as large, highly complex parts, the component repair market and feature addition. According to the companies, BeAM and AddUp share the same ambition to support customers in the development of metal additive manufacturing solutions which take into account industrial robustness, Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), and certification.

“Together, BeAM and AddUp will be uniquely positioned in the additive manufacturing market by offering their customers a comprehensive range of metal additive manufacturing solutions, with, in particular, training and consulting, 3D printing systems and the making of parts for proof of concept (POC),” emphasizes Vincent Ferreiro, AddUp’s CEO. This acquisition also strengthens AddUp’s role in the French metal 3D printing ecosystem with more than 100 engineers working on the development of new solutions.

“BeAM was at a key stage in its development with the broadening of its product line and its geographic expansion. The arrival of AddUp and its shareholders, Fives and Michelin, enables us to secure BeAM’s development and to benefit from their industrial expertise and the pooling of our respective resources,” says Vincent Gillet, BeAM’s CEO.

The exact terms and conditions of the transaction have not been disclosed.