7/25/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Additive Manufacturing Conference + Expo Adds Immersive, Hands-On Learning Experience

The Additive Manufacturing Conference + Expo (AMC) has announced technical tours of Austin-based headquarters for EOS and Essentium.


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The EOS Pflugerville, Texas facility. Presented by Gardner Business Media’s Additive Manufacturing and Modern Machine Shop, the Additive Manufacturing Conference + Expo is a three-day technical conference, exhibit hall and business networking event focused on the industrial applications of additive technologies for production.

The Additive Manufacturing Conference + Expo (AMC) has announced two technical tours of 3D printing production facilities as part of the education program. The event, which will be held in Austin, Texas, from August 27-29, will open and close with tours of the headquarters for EOS and Essentium.

“The Additive Conference has always been focused on using 3D printing for production,” notes Dave Necessary, event manager. “Having access to these top-notch facilities will give our attendees a look at how additive manufacturing is being put to use to make real parts that expand beyond a technical presentation.”

EOS North America is opening up its metal additive manufacturing lab and polymer additive manufacturing lab to AMC attendees. With a focus on additive manufacturing applications for series production, this immersive, in-person technical tour will also include targeted technical workshops. Attendees will see the cutting edge of additive technology and have the opportunity to explore the applications and processes in action.

AMC attendees will be able to access Essentium’s Learning Labs live demonstrations and sessions during the technical tour.

Essentium’s Learning Labs will provide live demonstrations on materials testing and additive production, and will offer expertise and insights on how to bring additive manufacturing to the production floor. The tour includes dedicated sessions on materials testing, 3D printing for production and the business aspects of adopting additive manufacturing technology.

Complete agenda and registration information is available at additiveconference.com. Direct inquiries can be sent to Justin Combs, marketing manager, jcombs@gardnerweb.com.


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