5/24/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Additive Industries’ MetalFab1 Gains Ground in Europe, North America

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The company’s metal additive system was premiered in North America during Rapid 2016; European beta customers will soon be using the machines.


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Additive Industries b.v. has delivered its first MetalFab1, an industrial metal 3D printing system, to Airbus APWorks, an Airbus subsidiary. AP Works will test the system and its corresponding Additive World software platform for series production of industrial parts for robotics, automotive, medical and aerospace applications. As part of the MetalFab1 beta program, APWorks will help to evaluate processes and applications for multiple materials. This first shipment is an important milestone for the company, as the beta test phase is a preliminary step to ramping up for series production of the 3D printing system, says Daan Kersten, cofounder and CEO of Additive Industries.

The company recently premiered the MetalFab1 in North America, officially launching the system during Rapid 2016 last week. Also during this event, the company announced that its fifth MetalFab1 system has been sold to GKN Powder Metallurgy, a manufacturer of precision automotive components. This fifth machine represents an extension of the beta program, which was previously declared sold out.

The MetalFab1 system has a modular design to allow for application-specific process configuration. Multiple build chambers and integrated powder handling make it possible to combine as many as four materials in the system. The machine offers a build envelope measuring 420 × 420 × 400 mm, a furnace for integrated stress relief heat treatment, and as many as four full field lasers.