3D Printing Tech Acquires Voodoo Manufacturing

The acquisition is a step toward operating one of the largest fused deposition modeling print farms in the U.S.


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3D Printing Tech, an Atlanta-based 3D printing business, has purchased critical assets of Voodoo Manufacturing, a competitor that recently shut its doors. The acquisition will enable 3D Printing Tech to further expedite growth for its primary B2B customers, while it helps corporations use 3D printing to improve manufacturing processes and offers cost-effective printing solutions to the general public.

Founded in 2015 by Josh Stover and Jason Daenzer, 3D Printing Tech offers a variety of 3D printing solutions and design, modeling and scanning services to businesses such as Delta, Coca-Cola, NASA, IBM and Marvel. The 3D Printing Tech team also provides consulting services to corporations and individuals as a value-added service. Over the past five years, 3D Printing Tech has grown to operate one of the largest selective laser sintering (SLS) printing farms in the southern U.S., the company says. This acquisition is also an important step toward operating one of the largest fused deposition modeling (FDM) print farms in the U.S.

“3D Printing Tech does more than fill 3D printing orders. We are committed to helping people understand how to use 3D printing in their unique projects, whether those are in production, manufacturing or design,” Daenzer says. “A lot of people come to us with a surface-level understanding of 3D printing and they stay with us because we help them see how 3D printing can help get them from point A to point B, oftentimes growing their businesses and creating efficiencies in manufacturing and production.”

The founders say the acquisition will enable them to further serve their customers. “As an industry, the technology and equipment we use have evolved to where we can print just about anything our clients dream up, but we are also better at incorporating 3D printing technology to solve every day manufacturing challenges,” Stover says.