1/2/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Swisslog, Concept Laser Partner to Develop Automated Guided Vehicle System

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The partnership will integrate an AGV into Concept Laser’s Factory of Tomorrow production scenario for additive manufacturing.


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Concept Laser and Swisslog, a member of the KUKA Group, have entered into a strategic development partnership to deliver an innovative automated guided vehicle (AGV) system. Concept Laser undertakes this partnership in support of its M Line Factory technology and “AM Factory of Tomorrow” production scenario, which aim to move metal 3D printing toward an automated solution.

Dr. Florian Bechmann, head of research and development at Concept Laser said: “The ambitious concept of the M Line Factory ensures a high level of automation and flexibility in 3D metal printing. The AGV system from Swisslog is the next stage in the development toward consistent automation of the processes embracing the basic idea of “Industry 4.0.”

The partnership pursues two objectives: First, to create an AGV system capable of moving modules between the machine units or within a production environment, and second, to address the intralogistics in the factory for the reliable and automated supply of powder material and preparation.

As a globally leading provider of flexible robotic and data-driven automated solutions for warehouses and distribution centers, Swisslog brings its expertise in the automation of material flow and intralogistics to this partnership. Swisslog’s task is specifically to integrate a driverless transport system with smart software for fleet management and power supply to ensure that modules can be moved between different machine units or within an AM factory.

“With this collaboration we see the opportunity to implement our highly efficient automated solutions for smart logistics networks in production,” said Dr. Christian Baur, CEO of Swisslog’s Warehouse and Distribution Solutions division.

By contrast, Concept Laser is responsible for the setup on top of the AGV in order to move powder or parts in an autonomous way. In addition, the company is also responsible for the docking, including the receipt and transfer of the modules. 


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