Medical Devices to Be 3D Printed at Renishaw’s Healthcare Center of Excellence

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The company’s new facility will help train surgeons as well as producing custom medical devices.

Renishaw has opened a new Healthcare Center of Excellence at its Miskin site, close to Cardiff, South Wales. The facility supports the manufacture of custom medical devices as well as education and training in the life sciences.

The building houses a mock non-sterile operating theater and facilities for education, training, workshops and lectures, plus a facility for the manufacture of class 3 custom medical devices produced on Renishaw metal additive manufacturing machines. The manufacturing facility produces custom medical devices under an ISO13485 quality management system. Production parts include dental frameworks, craniomaxillofacial patient-specific implants, jigs and guides.

The company’s metal 3D printing systems are produced in a 460,000-square-foot facility adjacent to the Healthcare Center of Excellence. The site also manufactures metal components, electronic subassemblies and healthcare R&D projects. Its close proximity to the Center will be beneficial for collaboration between engineers and healthcare professions, the company says. A demonstration area within the Center also features the full range of Renishaw metrology and healthcare technologies, including spectroscopy instruments and additively manufactured implantable devices.