8/23/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Linear AMS Expands Business, Names Director for Molding and Tooling

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The Michigan-based company is adding equipment and personnel to support the mold and tooling side of its business.


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Linear AMS (formerly Linear Mold & Engineering, prior to its acquisition by Moog in December 2015) is announcing new investment in the mold and tooling side of its business with company veteran Lou Young heading the effort. The company is adding two new account management experts for tooling and molding, in addition to new capital equipment at its Livonia, Michigan, injection molding facility. Linear’s strengths in design and feasibility studies, process support, CNC machining, and metal AM capacity will support these changes.

“We are a one-stop partner for everything from mold and part design through process qualification, and it remains critical that every Linear employee knows that every task is about adding value to the customer,” Young says. “With specialties including prototyping, mold building, and low-volume production for automotive and non-automotive companies, our 3D printing and metal AM capabilities are rewriting the manufacturing rules book. Tooling, however, remains the heart of production success.”

“The ability to incorporate 3D printing with traditional tooling allows us to offer established companies innovative solutions for their existing manufacturing processes (e.g. molds and castings) together with new 3D metal-printed components that can make those existing tools much better,” Young says. “With our knowledge and experience both on the 3D side printing metal inserts and our mold manufacturing expertise, we can go further and simulate how those optimized designs not only work better, but maybe in 30 percent less time.”