3/31/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Carbon 3D Adds Four Service Bureau Customers

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The four companies will offer Carbon’s CLIP technology as part of their additive manufacturing services.

Carbon 3D, the creator of Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) technology, has added four 3D printing service bureaus and contract manufacturers to its early customer program. CIDEAS, Sculpteo, The Technology House and WestStar Precision will offer CLIP technology as part of their additive manufacturing services. According to the company, CLIP enables product designers and engineers to produce polymeric parts that have the resolution, surface finish and mechanical properties required for both functional prototyping and production parts for industries as varied as automotive, medical and consumer electronics.

“These new customers are key drivers of innovation and production across industries,” said Joseph DeSimone, CEO and co-founder of Carbon. “We’re excited to partner with them and offer expanded access to CLIP to further uncover application opportunities for our technology.”

“Carbon’s range of engineering grade materials are a game-changer in advancing what is possible with additive manufacturing,” said Mike Littrell, president of CIDEAS. “We pride ourselves on partnering with our customers to solve unique challenges and the CLIP-based machine is a powerful tool that helps us create production-quality parts, shorten product development timelines and bring new design concepts to life.”

CLIP uses a tunable photochemical process to rapidly transform 3D models into physical objects. The process works by projecting a continuous sequence of UV images through an oxygen-permeable, UV-transparent window below a liquid resin. The dead zone created above the window maintains a liquid interface while the part advances above. CLIP leverages a range of materials designed to meet common engineering requirements, from the elongation and resilience expected of an injection molded polyurethane elastomer to the temperature resistance of a glass-filled nylon, and more.