Applying for the 2016 IAMA


Registration Form

Instructions - English |  Instructions Deutsch

Applications for the IAMA must include the following:

  1. The registration form – download from
  2. A short biography for each applicant/members on the applicant team
  3. Abstract of no more than 10 lines
  4. Written documentation of the presented work, no more than 10 pages in length (you must use the layout described below)

Layout of Written Submission

The documentation for the IAMA must be in English, 10 pages maximum, and should cover:

  1. State of the art (situation analysis)
  2. Description of the candidate innovation including photos, if applicable
  3. Depiction of the problem and solution solved by the innovation
  4. Advantages or further developments with respect to the state of the art
  5. Potential or advantages for industrial applications

The submission should address each of the judging criteria described above and be submitted in PDF format by December 07, 2015