Xact Metal Partners with GoEngineer for Sales, Service Support

GoEngineer to provide sales and service for Xact Metal to customers in western United States.


Graphmatech’s Graphene Technology Enhances Copper Processability

Research shows graphene lowers reflectivity of copper powder to achieve more dense AM printed parts.


3D Systems Chosen for Army Novel Thermal Application Project

Research seeks to create topologically optimized heat exchangers that will enable disruptive advancements in U.S. Army munitions technology.

ExOne’s Metal Designlab 3D Printing System Features Two-Step Process

ExOne collaborates with Rapidia to incorporate its two-step 3D printing technology, which enables water-bound metal and ceramic parts to go directly from a printer into a furnace without a debinding step.

Desktop Metal’s Studio System 2 Simplifies Low-Volume Metal 3D Printing

System features a two-step process that eliminates the need for a solvent debind phase.


Burloak Becomes First Additive Manufacturer Approved to Supply Boeing

Burloak Technologies Inc. developed a well-defined specification that demonstrated robust, repeatable processes to produce flight components using additive manufacturing.


Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Joins 6K Advisory Board

Strategic appointment is instrumental for advanced material innovation for defense and security product development for the United States.

AddUp Trajectory Generator Offers Faster Slicing, Scanning Computations

Fast slice and toolpath generator offers smooth upskins and downskins to obtain superior part surface quality.


Porsche Advances Electrification with Generative Design

The sports car manufacturer achieves weight savings and assembly consolidation using additive manufacturing instead of casting for an electric drive housing.


Pushing Laser Powder Bed Fusion into New Realms of Productivity

The Betatype technology stack supports businesses looking to expand on the potential of additive manufacturing for series production through design-led thinking and unique optimization algorithms to maximize the capacity of LPBF systems.

Desktop Metal’s P-1 3D Printer Bridges Development, Production

Full P-1 builds can be printed in less than one hour and process parameters can transfer directly to the P-50 for mass production jobs.


Sintavia Expands Rocket Manufacturing Capability with Customized AM Printers

For most existing commercial rocketry in production, the M4K-4 can manufacture an entire thrust chamber assembly as a single unit, including optimized regenerative cooling passages, thereby dramatically reducing manufacturing complexity and time.


3D Printed Parts on the Mars Perseverance Rover: The Cool Parts Show #23

The Perseverance parts made through additive manufacturing are extreme examples of lightweighting. We have replicas of the 3D printed parts that were sent to Mars.


Can the U.S. Become Self-Sufficient in Aerospace Alloy Metal Powders?

6K’s technology can upcycle titanium and nickel-alloy parts into additive manufacturing powder. Here is how the circular economy helps national security.


DMLS or Polyjet? A Hands-On Comparison to Produce Prototype Mold Inserts

The development phase of creating injection molded parts and inserts often requires the production of small-quantity prototypes. This moldmaker compared two different AM technologies to produce prototype mold inserts made from tool steel and polypropylene photopolymer.


Incus Hammer Lab35 Offers Economic Protoyping, Small-Scale Production

Metal 3D printer has potential to increase performance and reduce costs for small and mid-scale production, as well as manufacture parts featuring complex geometries.


The Case for Tackling the Toughest Material First

The increasing speed and power of high-end processors and data centers has created a market for advanced thermal management solutions. A Silicon Valley startup called Holo is dedicating its first line of products toward this market, starting with 3D-printed copper heat exchangers.


Velo3D Partners with GoEngineer for Sales and Service Support

GoEngineer will be Velo3D’s largest partner in the U.S., while Velo3D’s other existing sales networks and direct purchase opportunities remain in place.


DesktopMetal Introduces Pure Copper for its Studio System

Unlike laser-based processes (which often print chromium zirconium copper), the Studio System’s Bound Metal Deposition process is able to print pure copper, unlocking the full benefits of the material.

Video: Programming for Additive Turning of Cylindrical Parts

Directed energy deposition while the part is spinning enables a means of 3D printing axially symmetric parts. The operation is like CNC turning with material added instead of machined. Open Mind discusses programming the machine paths for this type of build.


GM Opens Additive Industrialization Center Dedicated to 3D Printing

3D printing will help transform GM operations in product development, motorsports and manufacturing.


3D Printing and the Next Giant Leap for Mankind

A collaboration between Aerojet Rocketdyne and NASA is resulting in critical parts being 3D printed for new versions of the workhorse RS-25 engine.


Desktop Metal Delivers Mid-Volume Metal 3D Printing System

Shop System is said to achieve exceptional surface finish parts with rich feature detail at speeds up to 10 times faster than those of legacy 3D powder bed fusion technologies.


Speed Is Relative in AM: A Data-Driven Comparison of Multi-Laser Powder Bed Fusion and Binder Jet Processing

There is a difference between the effective print speed and the actual cost to produce the component with AM. John Barnes compares binder jet processing with powder bed fusion for metal parts. 

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