Collaborators Publish Overview of Disposal Procedures for Powder Condensate

Sintavia partners with the AMGTA and Triumvirate Environmental Inc. to publish overview of proper handling procedures for powder condensate waste generated as part of the PBF additive manufacturing process.

Solukon Digital Factory Tool Integrates AM Automation, Quality Assurance

System is designed to increase efficiency and ensure continuous quality control in additive manufacturing.

Medical & Dental

3D Printed Nitinol Opens New Possibilities for Arterial Stents

Researchers at Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, have created the first self-expanding nitinol stents made via powder bed fusion. The project points to more opportunities with this shape memory alloy.

Medical & Dental

Desktop Metal Launches Desktop Health for Patient-Specific Solutions

Health care business leverages Desktop Metal’s portfolio of AM solutions for current and future applications spanning dentistry, orthodontics, dermatology, orthopedics, cardiology, plastic surgery, and printed regenerative tissues and grafts.


ExOne, Ford Motor Co. Develop Aluminum Binding Jetting Process

This aluminum engine block model, 3D printed in 6061, demonstrates the high resolution and geometric control that can be produced in a new binder jet 3D printing and sintering process developed by Ford and ExOne.


Desktop Metal, Uniformity Labs Develop Fully Dense, Sinterable Aluminum

Uniformity 6061 aluminum will be available exclusively to Desktop Metal customers as part of its ongoing partnership with Uniformity Labs.

Navy Awards $1.5M Contract for Meld Technology for Metal Printing, Repair

Program will further the Navy’s ability to support critical operations by delivering instructions and training for repair and printing of naval metal parts on site at the shipyard.


Sintavia Acquires Three More GE Additive Arcam A2X EB Printers

Company using them to manufacture high-precision structural titanium components for the aerospace and defense industry.


Esprit Collaboration with CETIM Aims at Binder Jetting Technology

Esprit’s additive suite products improve interoperability between software and machines for binder jetting.


Digital Metal Adds Pure Copper to Metal Binder Jetting System

Thermal and conductive properties of pure copper open new 3D printing possibilities within many industries.


Solukon Upgrades Automated Powder Removal Units for Large Parts

Systems are now reinforced to handle larger parts and feature a joystick to improve and individualize controlling, and an optional impactor system for breaking up clogged powder bulks.  

Video: Why the Failure? First Episode of Our New Series About Process Challenges in AM

Professor of additive manufacturing Tim Simpson joins me to talk about 3D printing fails and what they teach. Follow #AMWTF on LinkedIn, where we will debut each new failed build ahead of every episode.


EOS Introduces NickelAlloy IN939 for Turbine, Energy Applications

Material offers great tensile properties, validation, reliability and crack resistance, which opens industrial 3D printing options for turbines and other energy industry applications.


AMEXCI, SLM Solutions Strengthen Collaboration on AM Application Studies

AMEXCI invests in the SLM500, a selective laser melting machine, for application studies to further accelerate the industrialization of metal-based additive manufacturing (AM).


BASF Ultrafuse 316L Stainless Steel Qualified for MakerBot Method 3D Printers

Users can explore printing rigid 316L stainless steel parts for industrial applications alongside advanced engineering polymers and composites on Method with the MakerBot Labs Experimental Extruder.

Medical & Dental

3D Printed Scapula Customized for Patient: The Cool Parts Show #25

A patient treated for a tumor of the shoulder blade was able to preserve full use of the arm thanks to an implant tailored to the precise form of the original scapula and made through electron beam melting.

ExOne Developing Portable 3D Printing Factory for Defense Department

Company awarded contract to create a special military-edition 3D printer capable of binder jet 3D printing more than 20 metal, ceramic and other powder materials into direct final products or tooling.


Xact Metal Partners with GoEngineer for Sales, Service Support

GoEngineer to provide sales and service for Xact Metal to customers in western United States.

Consumer Goods

More Than Meets the Eye to Cobra’s 3D Printed Putter

Cobra Golf drew attention in November 2020 with the launch of a limited-edition putter with metal 3D printed head. What this club says about product development, reshoring manufacturing and the future of consumer goods.

ExOne’s Metal Designlab 3D Printing System Features Two-Step Process

ExOne collaborates with Rapidia to incorporate its two-step 3D printing technology, which enables water-bound metal and ceramic parts to go directly from a printer into a furnace without a debinding step.


Graphmatech’s Graphene Technology Enhances Copper Processability

Research shows graphene lowers reflectivity of copper powder to achieve more dense AM printed parts.


3D Systems Chosen for Army Novel Thermal Application Project

Research seeks to create topologically optimized heat exchangers that will enable disruptive advancements in U.S. Army munitions technology.


Making a Slow Decision on a Fast Technology: Evaluating the Business Case for Multi-Laser Powder Bed Fusion

A data-driven approach to laser powder bed fusion reveals how companies can get cost out of parts and match productivity to customer requirements. Part Three of a three-part series.

Desktop Metal’s Studio System 2 Simplifies Low-Volume Metal 3D Printing

System features a two-step process that eliminates the need for a solvent debind phase.

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