KBM Advanced Materials Launches Metal Powder Distribution Operations

KBM will provide a convenient e-commerce platform for customers, providing digital manufacturing with a digital marketplace for physical materials.


Cumberland Additive Expands Operations to Neighborhood 91 Campus

Neighborhood 91 is the first development to both condense and connect all components of the AM/3D printing supply chain into one powerful production ecosystem.


Desktop Metal Qualifies 316l Stainless Steel for High-Volume Manufacturing

With 316L, businesses can produce cost-effective, end-use metal parts for extreme temperature, highly corrosive applications on the world’s fastest metal 3d printing platform, the company says.


GE Aviation Switches Four Existing Cast Parts to Metal 3D Printing

GE engineers say additive manufacturing can compete with casting as its improved productivity lowers cost and slashes development time.


Solving MRO Challenges with Bound Metal Deposition

Three case studies reveal how Desktop Metal’s second-generation Studio System bound metal deposition printer eliminates common safety hazards of metal AM, enhancing the technique’s value for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) applications.

Medical & Dental

3D Printing Brings Custom, Affordable Bone Prostheses to Thai Patients

Meticuly was founded to provide custom bone implants for local patients in Thailand and regional countries who otherwise would be dependent on standard, imported devices. The concept could be a model for medical treatment in other emerging economies.

Support Structures and Build Layout Lead to Series of Fails — AM: Why the Failure? #4

A 3D printed piston crown illustrates the iterative path to success often part of laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing.


Cummins Finalizes First Metal 3D Printed Production Part

Company is using high-precision binder jetting process to create lance tip adapter used in high horsepower engines.

Wagner Machine Co. Creates Challenging Assembly Replacement with Velo3D Printer

Real-time monitoring of entire 3D printing process ensures mission-ready quality of high-value parts for aerospace and defense customers


How Flowable Metal Paste Could Deliver on 3D Printing's Promise for Mold Tooling

A new 3D printing process that shapes extruded metal paste before sintering can produce fine detail and surface finish suitable for injection mold cores and cavities with limited or no additional postprocessing.

Matsuura Launches Metal Additive Manufacturing Production Services

Matsuura established the Additive Manufacturing Center to promote the use of metal 3D printed parts as a solution to continuing supply chain challenges and delays.


Addman Engineering Chooses Velo3D for Energy, Aerospace Manufacturing

AddMan Engineering, a provider of advanced additive manufacturing for aerospace and energy, to operate the first Velo3D manufacturing solution in Indianapolis area.


Distribution Network Aims to Be the "Inventory Bridge" for Metal Powders

Recently launched KBM Advanced Materials connects metal powder suppliers to customers in additive manufacturing, metal injection molding and more.


Primus Aerospace Adopts Velo3D System for Aerospace, Defense Work

Company says it is first ever, advanced metal 3D-printing system of its kind dedicated to flight-critical applications.

Velo3D System Chosen for Aftermarket Gas Turbine Parts Production

Additive manufacturing will help keep aging engines operational with greater flexibility and shorter delivery times than traditional MRO supply chains.

Experimental Fusion Reactor To Use Rosswag AM Cooling Heads

Rosswag Engineering has produced 3D-printed cooling heads for a plasma-exposed environment in the Wendelstein 7-X fusion reactor.


Lightweight Combustion Chamber for 3D Printed Rocket Engine: The Cool Parts Show #30

An engine for repeated trips to the moon is 3D printed in just three pieces from a metal matrix composite combining aluminum for weight saving with ceramic for high-temperature performance.


Safran, SLM Solutions Test Technology for Large Airplane Component

In a joint project, Safran Landing Systems and SLM Solutions tested selective laser melting to produce a component of a nose landing gear for a bizjet, marking a world first for a part of this size.


Kennametal Develops First Stellite Powder for 3D Printing

Stellite 21 AM powder enables customers to achieve similar wear and corrosion resistance properties in additively manufactured parts.

Directed Energy Deposition (DED) Error Turns Nozzle Into Chess Piece — AM: Why the Failure? #3

Chess pieces are often 3D printed as demo parts, but this one was an accident! What happened? The answer involves heat transfer.

Renishaw Metal AM Enables Domin to Create CO2-Reducing Valve

By using Renishaw’s RenAM 500Q AM system, Domin has created a servo valve that saves one ton of CO2 per year compared to competing products.


Elementum 3D, SLM Solutions Collaborate on Metal Powder Development

Unified approach enables more powder choices for additive manufacturing users.


Space Launch System Accumulator is a Giant Leap for 3D Printing

A collaboration between Aerojet Rocketdyne and NASA is resulting in critical parts being 3D printed for new versions of the workhorse RS-25 engine. 


Rusal America joins Neighborhood 91 AM Campus at Pittsburgh Airport

Neighborhood 91 is the first development in the world to both condense and connect all components of the additive manufacturing and 3D printing supply chain into one powerful production ecosystem.

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