Markforged Unveils AI-Powered Blacksmith

Markforged has announced its AI-powered platform, Blacksmith, designed to enable manufacturing equipment to reprogram itself to make perfect parts.

AI-Driven "Operating System" Makes Data Count

AI assistance could help additive manufacturing operations link engineering and design data to what is really happening on the factory floor.

Experts Compile Skills, Attributes Necessary for AM Engineers

Additive engineer demand has begun outpacing the supply of qualified workers in the industry. Penn State University banded together a team of experts and implemented focus groups, interviews, location observations and surveys in order to find out what makes a good additive manufacturing (AM) engineer.

Video: Where Are We Heading with Additive Manufacturing?

Increasing demands for additive end-to-end production processes, machine learning and product customization are driving additive manufacturing forward. Peter Zelinski explains where AM is heading in this video filmed at last year’s Additive Manufacturing Conference.

Top 10 Stories of 2018

Additive manufacturing's advance into production, metal 3D printing and machine learning top the list of this year's most-read stories.

Valuechain.com Receives Funding to Develop AI Software

Valuechain.com has received funding from UK Research & Innovation towards the development of artificial intelligence for its additive manufacturing production control software.

NTU and HP Announce Corporate Innovation Lab in Asia

 HP’s first university laboratory collaboration in Asia will focus on digital manufacturing technologies, from 3D printing to machine learning and more.

Lockheed Martin to Integrate Machine Learning with Metal 3D Printing

In partnership with the Office of Naval Research, Lockheed Martin is undertaking a project to develop multi-axis robots that can optimize 3D printing in process.

Senvol Recieves NIST Grant for AM Data

Senvol’s machine learning software for additive manufacturing will be used to establish Process-Structure-Property (PSP) relationships.


AMFG Software Platform to Automate End-Part Production

Formerly known as RP Platform, the company offers a software product for additive manufacturing based on artificial intelligence. 

3D-Printed "Smart" Shaft Introduces AI Possibilities

VTT Technical Research Centre introduces a process for 3D printing a metal shaft with embedded sensors.

PostProcess Technologies' Connect3D Supports Postprocessing

The Connect3D software for 3D-printed part postprocessing brings the company's Automat3D software functionality into the cloud. 

Senvol Developing Machine Learning AM Software for U.S. Navy

The data-driven software analyzes the relationships between additive manufacturing process parameters and material performance.


Machine Learning for Invention Will Aid and Be Aided By AM

Neural networks that learn by trial and error—learning, in fact, like a child—will map the constraints of AM systems, allowing part designs to be optimized for those systems.

How Machine Learning Is Moving AM Beyond Trial and Error

A Colorado alliance has found the link between AM and AI. Using machine learning to map the formula for successful metal 3D printing, researchers aim to know the right parameters for any new part with few or no test builds.

Machine Learning Advances Additive Manufacturing in January Issue

The January issue of Additive Manufacturing magazine looks at three ways machine learning is advancing understanding of 3D printing processes and materials.

What GE’s Machine Learning Ecosystem Will Mean for Additive Manufacturing

At GE’s Global Research Center in upstate New York, engineers join forces to build a digital library of additive research.


Video: 3 Roles for Computer Vision in Metal 3D Printing

Carnegie Mellon University professor Elizabeth Holm explains three ways computer vision can advance powder-bed metal 3D printing.

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