Thermwood Technology Ensures Complete Fusion for Large-Scale 3D Printing

LSAM also makes print temperature control completely automatic.


Big Ideas in AM: 10 Examples of 3D-Printed Tooling

Additive manufacturing can aid conventional manufacturing through the production of tooling. This article showcases 10 clever uses of 3D-printed tooling.


Bell Textron, Ingersoll Machine Tools Produce 3D Printed Rotor Blade Trim Tool

Collaborative effort successfully manufactured a 22-foot-long vacuum trim tool for production of main rotor blade components.


Why Dig a Pit in an Additive Manufacturing Facility?

At the end of 2019, Additive Engineering Solutions moved two of its BAAM 3D printers out of the way and began to dig a hole in the floor. How going lower allows AES to build higher. 


Autonomous Underwater Vehicle With 3D Printed Hull: The Cool Parts Show #24

Our first episode of The Cool Parts Show from inside a 3D printer! Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) produces exterior components of a robot submarine and changes how this AUV is marketed.

University of Maine Awarded $2.8 Million Grant for AM Wind Blade Research

Researchers will use the world's largest polymer 3D printer to develop recyclable wind blade molds that reduce lead times and costs.

Video: Programming for Additive Turning of Cylindrical Parts

Directed energy deposition while the part is spinning enables a means of 3D printing axially symmetric parts. The operation is like CNC turning with material added instead of machined. Open Mind discusses programming the machine paths for this type of build.


Titan, Jabil Customize Formulations for Pellet Extrusion 3D Printing

Partnership qualifies and integrates customized materials for use on Titan’s pellet-based Atlas 3D printers to produce stronger, lighter and more flexible parts.

Titan Robotics Launches Large-Format Atlas 3D Printer

Industrial printer features extrusion technology and an actively heated enclosure, enabling customers to print large parts using high-performance materials.


Additive Industries’ MetalFab-600 Features Large Build Volume

Metal 3D printer is designed to be highly productive with a deposition rate up to 1,000 cc/hour, using 10 × 1kW lasers.


Look Again: This 3D Printed Part Isn't Plastic

This radiator cover is comparable in strength to an injection molded part, and was made at lower cost than 3D printed polymer.


Airtech Opens Luxembourg Facility for Large-Scale 3D Printing

Airtech Advanced Materials Group’s capabilities can take tooling from conception to the shop floor significantly faster than conventional methods.


SLM Solutions' NXG XII 600 Enables High-Volume Production

Machine features 12 lasers designed to use in serial production for high-volume applications as well as for printing large parts.

Inside Oak Ridge’s 3D-Printed Machine Tool Moonshot

The widespread outsourcing of large machine castings led a collaborative team at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to tackle the machine tool supply chain. The first step? 3D print the largest cast component.


Commercializing Sand 3D Printing in the New Tech Belt

Youngstown-area Humtown Products supplies both conventional and 3D printed sand cores and molds to foundries around the world. But sand tools for castings may be only the beginning.

Velo3D’s Sapphire XC Large-Format 3D Metal Printer Increases Throughput

Extra capacity, large-format printer can increase production throughput by five times and reduce cost-per-part by up to 75%, compared to its predecessor.

BigRep Offers Turnkey Industrial 3D Printer Rentals

Leasing program is said to enable easy, flexible and affordable additive manufacturing.


3D Printed Prefab Homes, Made from Composite and UL-Certified

Mighty Buildings wants to change the construction industry with prefabricated houses 3D printed on demand from thermoset polymer composite. Two such buildings have already been installed.


Why Robots and Additive Manufacturing Go Together

3D printing and robots enable one another. We miss the possibilities of one if we do not consider the other. The combination includes AM for end effectors, robots for 3D printing parts, and different modes of metal and plastic production.

CGTech Extends Simulation to Thermwood LSAM (Includes Video)

Large-scale additive manufacturing platform is the largest 3D printer yet simulated. Watch video for example of how simulation using program G-code catches an error that would otherwise lead to a failed build.


A New Partnership Offers Large-Scale 3D Printing and Five-Axis Machining

The side-by-side product offering from Cincinnati Inc. and Multiax America aims to provide high-throughput AM production for large parts under one roof.

Velo3D Launches Large Format 3D Metal Printer with Knust-Godwin as First Customer

The next-generation Sapphire machine will print up to 1 meter in height, said to be the tallest laser-powder additive manufacturing system.

Thermwood's New LSAM Model Provides Both Print and Trim Heads

Thermwood’s LSAM MT is a lower cost moving table version of its industry-leading LSAM (large scale additive system).


How a Prototyping 3D Printer Became a Production 3D Printer

Boyce Technologies was already a leader in manufacturing communications devices, but 3D printing and a partnership with BigRep have helped it remain competitive—first through prototyping, and now in production.

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