Formnext Connect 2020 Brings AM Industry Together Nov. 10-12

Event includes world’s leading exhibitors from entire AM process chain, new products and networking all in one place.

Formnext Start-Up Challenge Offers Young Companies A Chance to Jump-Start Exposure

The 2020 Formnext Start-up Challenge invites submissions from innovative young companies. Register to start networking and find investors.

Board Supports Formnext 2020 Health, Hygiene Protection Concept

Formnext 2020 exhibitor advisory board supports health and hygiene concept. Formnext 2020 is set to take place as scheduled in Frankfurt from 10 – 13 November 2020, but with a revised innovative trade fair format including a comprehensive health protection concept and a new digital component.

8 Cool Parts from Formnext 2019: The Cool Parts Show Special Edition

Editors Peter Zelinski and Stephanie Hendrixson attended Formnext 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany. Here are 8 cool 3D printed parts spotted on the show floor. 

LEO Lane Software Enforces Quality

Formnext 2019: LEO Lane’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provides the ability to track and audit digital assets through digital inventory.

Minirail Provides Reliability and Convenience in Additive Manufacturing

Formnext 2019: Schneeberger Linear Technology’s guideway minirail provides reliability and convenience to additive manufacturing, according to the company.

XJet Introduces Two Versions of Carmel 1400

Formnext 2019: XJet’s line of nanoparticle jetting (NPJ) systems has been expanded with the Carmel 1400M for metals and Carmel 1400C for ceramics.

Roboze Heat Treatment Line Covers Complete 3D Printing Process

Formnext 2019: Roboze’s new Heat Treatment Process line is said to be capable of covering all the necessary phases for the production of functional prototypes and finished components with composite materials and high temperature super polymers.

Farsoon Offers Metal AM Production Machines

Formnext 2019: Farsoon’s FS301M metal system features a 305 × 305 × 400 mm build cylinder suited for larger-sized industrial applications as well as versatile single or dual laser options for improved productivity and efficiency.

SLM Solution’s Powder-Bed Fusion Machine Emphasizes Efficiency

Formnext 2019: SLM Solution’s SLM 500 powder bed fusion machine features improved gas flow along and quad-700W laser technology, enabling increased productivity.

LENS Laser Deposition Head Offers Configurable Optics

Formnext 2019: Optomec’s LENS Laser Deposition Head (LDH 3.X) features a variable optics system that can create three discreet focused spot sizes to accommodate changes in laser power and offers versatility to building, repairing, coating and cladding a wide range of metal parts in one deposition head.


Formnext 2019 Emphasizes Complete Additive Manufacturing Process Chain — Well Beyond 3D Printing

The biggest AM event gets bigger. The sophistication of attendees advances. Materials, digital tools and postprocessing are prominent. Here are 10 impressions of this year’s show.

Lithoz Presents CeraFab for Serial Production of Ceramics

Formnext 2019: Lithoz has introduced the CeraFab System line designed for serial production of additively manufactured high-performance ceramics.

MachineWorks' Polygonica v2.3 Offers Compensation for Material Distortion

Formnext 2019: MachineWorks has introduced the latest features from its polygon-mesh modeling toolkit Polygonica v2.3.

Formlabs Low Force Stereolithography Printers Delivers Accurate Parts

Formnext 2019: Formlabs’ Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) 3D printers Form 3 and Form 3L use a flexible tank to drastically reduce the forces of the peel process, providing incredible surface finish and detail and linear illumination to deliver accurate, repeatable parts.


Igus High Performance Polymers Ensure Wear Resistance

Formnext 2019: Igus’ offered material range includes special filaments for 3D printing with the fused deposition modeling/fused filament fabrication method (FDM/FFF) and polymers for selective laser sintering (SLS).

Volume Graphics’ VGStudio Max Software Provides 3D Printing Inspection

Formnext 2019: Software product, VGStudio Max, from Volume Graphics, gives instructive results and insights to provide efficient workflows.

Höganäs Says Every Particle Counts

Formnext 2019: Höganäs AB offers a new, smart packaging and material-handling solution for volumes on industrial scale.


Essentium Debuts High Temperature Materials on High Speed Extrusion Platform

Formnext 2019: Essentium’s new high temperature materials deliver extreme heat resistance, chemical resistance and high strength removing barriers to industrial scale additive manufacturing.

Linde Works Towards Overcoming Atmospheric Impurities

Formnext 2019: ADDvance O2 precision from Linde is designed to overcome atmospheric impurities and give manufacturers optimal printing conditions.

Sabic's Breakaway Support Filament Boosts Printing Productivity

Formnext 2019: Sabic’s AMS31F filament is a breakaway support material for fused deposition modeling that maintains rigidity and adhesion during printing, while also providing pliability for separation during postprocessing.

Arburg Freeformer Integrates into Production

Formnext 2019: Arburg’s Freeformer 200-3X and 300-3X are said to cover a wide range of industrial AM applications.

Sights from Formnext 2018

Editors share some of the interesting machines, materials and applications for additive manufacturing on display at this year's Formnext exhibition.

10 Impressions of Formnext 2018

The size and scope of this year's Formnext exhibition offered plenty to see, but also reinforced additive manufacturing's continuing maturity. 10 impressions from Additive Manufacturing editors.

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