Applications of Lattice Optimization for Additive Manufacturing

December 13

Lattice structures are an extremely powerful part optimization tool for many applications within additive manufacturing. Lattices provide viable options for decreasing weight and increasing efficiency of parts for structural, thermal, or manufacturability considerations. 

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the critical role lattice optimization plays in Generative Design and how lattices can be used for structural lightweighting and build management. We will examine use cases of optimized lattice structures, and show examples of latticing for thermal and structural stability during the build process. 

Primary Topics: 
• Understand the differences between Generative Design and Optimization 
• Understand the many use cases for lattices, and how they can be optimized for efficiency and weight 
• Examine real world use cases for lattice optimization and the impacts they have on part performance 

Presenters: Doug Kenik and Kevin Mortzfield

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