Holistic Characterization of Materials and Processes in AM using Correlative Multi-scale Multi-modal Workflow

April 23, 2020

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Additive manufacturing is being adopted into various aspects of manufacturing, primarily due to freedom to create complex designs and economic advantages of producing a small number of parts without the need for tooling. However, the move from prototyping to production requires greater understanding and control of several variables such as stricter dimensional tolerances, surface roughness, defects and microstructure control. While OEMs, service bureaus, and universities are addressing the process controls to limit variation in part quality, ZEISS is working on another aspect of developing holistic measurement methods to quantify the effects of these process controls called ZEISS Blueline. This approach utilizes a multi-scale, multi-modal workflow, designed to handle the complexity of the entire AM process chain, starting from raw materials to the finished parts.

Primary Topics:

  • Multi-length scale porosity and defect detection
  • Accelerated identification and mitigation of key parameters affecting quality
  • Investigate performance of AM parts by investigating complex micro-structures
  • Using X-ray CT for NDT and Metrology applications

Pradeep Bhattad
Business Development Manager, ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions
Pradeep Bhattad works for the ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions division focusing on quality related issues in Additive Manufacturing. He received his Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana State University and for the past 14 years has worked on the development and implementation of correlative imaging (CT, SEM, Optical etc.) and analysis in Additive Manufacturing and the Oil & Gas industry. His current work, in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Lab, focuses on fast and comprehensive production and inspection workflow using a feedback loop to accelerate the path from concept to production for metal powder bed additive manufacturing.