Multi-Laser SLM for Qualified Serial Production of Medical Devices

June 11, 2020

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Selective laser melting systems have seen significant productivity increases in recent years. The increase has been gained through the development of multi-laser systems in combination with larger build volumes and higher power lasers. SLM Solutions will address several key technical developments that contribute to the robustness and productivity of the multi-laser SLM process. The impact of these developments on part quality, productivity and production cost will be reviewed. Various case studies will highlight the economical use of multi-laser SLM for qualified serial production of medical devices in titanium and cobalt-chrome alloys.





David Keedy
Healthcare Business Director US & Latin America, SLM Solutions
David Keedy is responsible for developing strategy and providing solutions that are in-line with the metal Additive Manufacturing goals of organizations that operate in this space. Previously David owned and operated a medical device distribution company in Nashville, Tennessee that focused solely on orthopedic and spinal implants. He received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Indiana University and is a veteran of the US Navy SEAL Teams.

Philip Oris
Global Business Development Director Healthcare, SLM Solutions
In 2016 he joined SLM Solutions GmbH as their director of business development medical & dental to strengthen the segment approach, supporting the different regional teams in their marketing & sales efforts, and supporting the customers in their development of additive manufacturing expertise in the segment.