Laser Overlap: The Success to Multi-Laser Technology

April 28, 2020

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SLM Solutions will address one of the key areas in achieving high productivity and good quality parts in multi-laser systems  - the overlap zones. The presentation will provide insights to gain better understanding of the overlap zones and their impact on the quality of printed parts. SLM Solutions will then discuss the procedures to determine the alignment of the lasers in the overlap zones, and the adjustment of the laser optics to attain good quality parts.


Michael Wais
Application Manager, SLM Solutions Americas
Mike Wais is an SLM Solutions Americas Applications Engineer dedicated to research and development. He has fourteen years of experience in Additive Manufacturing; his background includes eleven years in molding design and manufacturing, four years as a manufacturing engineer and five years in robotics programming and quality control analysis. 

Thomas Haymond
Director of Industrialization Strategy, SLM Solutions Americas
Thomas Haymond has been in the metal additive manufacturing field since 2013, when he began working SBIR / STTR initiatives focused on advanced manufacturing techniques for space / military advanced propulsion applications.  Working in the lab directly with metal AM systems, Thomas devoted his time to parameter development for new AM materials, as well as propulsion system component re-design efforts to accommodate additive manufacturing.