Advanced Strategies for Using Additive Manufacturing to Improve Casting and Injection Molding

October 19, 2020

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Additive manufacture of tooling and patterns offers significant benefits for traditional casting and injection molding processes by shortening lead time to production, reducing tooling costs, reducing cycle times and opening up design opportunities. This webinar will highlight "hybrid" applications where additive is combined with traditional manufacturing processes in ways that help companies reduce costs and quickly pivot to pursue new market opportunities — critical as existing markets decline due to the disruption from the pandemic.

Primary Topics:

  • Design software for these applications
  • Printed sand and wax patterns for castings
  • Printed molds and conformal cooling channels for injection molding


Dave Pierson
Senior Design Engineer, MAGNET
Dave is a Senior Design Engineer for MAGNET, part of the MEP National Network, and a notable figure in the advanced manufacturing (AM) community. He has 21 years of varied and practical additive manufacturing training experience that covers seven AM standards categories as set by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Kyle Squillace
Technology Acceleration Specialist, Purdue MEP
Kyle, a Certified Additive Manufacturing Technician, leads Purdue MEP with assisting manufacturers in incorporating advanced manufacturing capabilities into their operations. He delivers a portfolio of digital manufacturing training and consulting services in areas such as collaborative robotics, additive manufacturing, reverse engineering, and CAD/CAM systems.