Integrating 3D Printing into your Traditional Manufacturing Process

December 11

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Additive manufacturing is becoming more and more integrated into the design and production environment, working in tandem with traditional manufacturing processes and coexisting on the manufacturing floor. Boyce Technologies, one of the leading manufacturers of security and communication equipment, rely on additive to create not only prototypes but also for end use parts, molds for vacuum forming and more.

Upon incorporating 3D printing into their manufacturing process, Boyce Technologies has seen firsthand how 3D printing helps compress the design, engineering, and production time so they can meet tighter deadlines and get to production faster.

Primary Topics:

  • Best practices for integrating 3D printing
  • Case studies from Boyce of end use parts, molds, and prototypes
  • Making the business case for investing in AM technology


Ajmal Aqtash
Director of Advanced Robotics, Boyce Technologies Inc.
In mid-2017, Ajmal joined Boyce Technologies Inc. (BTI) as the Director of Advanced Robotics, focusing on partnerships, development, implementation, production and training on a wide range of robotic technologies to prototype and manufacture the future.
In late 2009, Ajmal co-founded form-ula, an award winning multidisciplinary design practice that seeks to understand the intersection of design and engineering. Since 2007 Ajmal has been teaching at Pratt Institute, School of Architecture and has an extensive background in morphology and is the Associate Director at the Center for Experimental Structures.

Frank Marangell
President, BigRep America; Chief Business Officer, BigRep GmbH
Frank Marangell is the President of BigRep America Inc. and Chief Business Officer (CBO) for BigRep GmbH, a global leader of large-scale 3D printers. Marangell manages all U.S. operations for the German-based company, in addition to his role on the executive team where he leads global sales in North America, Europe and Asia.