How Flexible and User-Friendly Collaborative Robots (Cobots) Can Automate Additive Manufacturing Tasks

May 09

The webinar details how collaborative robots can automate a wide range of additive manufacturing tasks, delivering a fast ROI and an increase in quality and production while addressing staff retention and high mix/low volume challenges. 

The webinar will open with a general cobot overview then drill down into how this new class of robots – now the fastest growing segment in industrial automation – is used in additive manufacturing. Through hands-on examples documented in case studies and video, the webinar will cover insightful deployments as well as specific application challenges and solutions. 

Primary Topics: 
• What tasks to efficiently automate with flexible deployment of cobots 
• How cobots’ ease of use speed up installation 
• How to interface collaborative robots with other robots/machinery 
• How cobots improve employees’ work environment 

Presenters: Brian Dillman and Christopher Savoia 
Brian Dillman manages Universal Robots’ sales channels in Eastern U.S. He joined the cobot market leader in 2016, bringing 25 years of sales experience from KUKA, Motoman, and several systems integrators. Dillman joined UR to be part of what he considers “the most transformative robot company to arrive in the market in the last two decades. 

Christopher Savoia supports Universal Robots’ deployment and implementation in the Northeast US and Canada. His engineering career has brought him from designing laser systems to integrating industrial robotics. Now, Savoia is bringing robotics to new market segments with the UR platform of flexibility and ease-of-use.

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