Solve AM Challenges Through Simulation

May 15

With the explosive growth in Additive Manufacturing, verifying NC code has never been more important. Hybrid AM Machines have opened the door for manufacturers to run complex additive and subtractive operations in the same job. With this complexity comes the possibility of potential machine crashes and errors. Simulation software now has Additive simulation capabilities that allow companies to tackle AM challenges such as: realistic laser cladding and material deposition, detecting collisions between the machine and additive part, finding errors, voids and misplaced material. 

Primary Topics: 
- Learn challenges to adopting Additive and hybrid manufacturing technologies. 
- See simulation software help shops safely implement new AM-capable equipment 
- Find out the most important things to look for in Additive simulation software 
- Learn how shops validate more than just NC part programs 

Presenter: Gene Granata 
Mr. Granata has been with CGTech since 1992. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree with emphasis on NC Manufacturing Technology from Northern Illinois University in 1983, he worked for aerospace companies such as Northrop Aircraft and McDonnell Douglas, working on T45, F20 and F18 fighter projects, as well as B2 Stealth Bomber and C17 military transport aircraft. As VERICUT Product Manager, Mr. Granata plans development of CGTech’s VERICUT software, and associated CAD/CAM/Tooling interfaces. He has also written technical documentation, designed many training courses, and provided manufacturing consulting services to hundreds of companies in virtually every industry.

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