Implicit Modeling for Additive Manufacturing: A New Approach to Design Engineering

March 27

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Since many of today's engineering tools are often fraught with geometry problems that are obstacles to rapid product development and additive manufacturing, this has opened the door for a new type of 3D representation -- implicit modeling. It is a unique way to represent not only 3D geometry but accompanying metadata in an efficient and powerful manner. 

In this webinar we will explore nTopology™s implicit modeling technology that overcomes common limitations of traditional modeling techniques, and provides a foundation for organizations to take advantage of advanced manufacturing techniques, including additive manufacturing. 

You'll also see how this 3D modeling approach better captures data flow, is more robust in nature, and removes geometry barriers that stunt product development. 

Primary Topics: 
- How implicit modeling removes common 3D bottlenecks and inefficiencies. 
- How the implicit technology creates complex, intelligent, additive manufactured-ready models. 
- How topology optimization in nTopology platform enables smarter products. 
- nTopology™s solutions for data management across product development. 

John Graham: Senior Product Marketing Manager 
Alex Meckes: Solutions Architect 
Blake Perez: Application Engineer